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When I got out of the Navy at the start of 1980, I went right into rock & roll. I started as the sound tech for the group. Then lead singer, then percussionist & singer. This was a portion of the last set of the night. This is part of 2 separate shows. Lock Stock & Barrel 12-12-1981 at Jim's Bar located in New Philadelphia, OH. This was transfered from the original reel tapes right into the computer and digitally remasterd.

This is a board tape. Audience was on stereo mics. Recorded live.

Lock, Stock & Barrel are:

Drums/Vocals - Timm McCoy

Bass/Vocals - Dan Harmon

Lead Guitar/Vocals - Dave Meechan

Guitar/Vocals - Darren Ranta

Keys/Vocals - Dale Hamm

"I never claim to be a singer. I'm a much better musician than a vocalist. There's many songs in life I have always wanted to re-record and play all the instruments and have my wife, Joan, do the background vocals. Well I am doing just that now. In my NEW CD coming this fall, "ReDeux", I do some of my favorite songs in life that make me feel good. I hope you like them too!" T.P.L.M.
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