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Did You Say Whip?

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Clara Sheep

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53 minutes of music that Timm really loves and has always wanted to record. Timm performs all the instruments and his wife Joan, sings backup.
"The family that sings together, makes money!" - Timm McCoy
1. Timm McCoy - Learning To Fly (5:17)
2. Timm McCoy - Little Sausages (3:09)
3. Timm McCoy - Pride & Joy (3:40)
4. Timm McCoy - Baker Street (4:14)
5. Timm McCoy - Jailbreak (4:03)
6. Timm McCoy - Comfortably Numb (6:27)
7. Timm McCoy - Daydreamer (2:17)
8. Timm McCoy - Overkill (3:46)
9. Timm McCoy - Some Kind Of Summer (3:37)
10. Timm McCoy - Papa Gene's Blues (1:56)
11. Timm McCoy - Gay People (2:58)
12. Timm McCoy - There's No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross (3:53)
13. Timm McCoy - Crossfire (3:35)
14. Timm McCoy - Wish You Were Here (5:01)



Clara Sheep is a member of the PPL Micro Studios and she wanted to make a Christmas EP for you. She's 3 years old and loves the tv show "Chuck"!
1. Winter Wonderland
2. Blue Christmas
3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
4. Silent Night
5. Rockin' 'Round The Christmas Tree
Clara Sheep - "Hi, It's Christmas" is just $6.00.
Childlike innocent fun for all!
This CD is available for $6.00 and does not include shipping and handling. Just go to the top of the page for ordering.


This is Timm McCoy's first parody CD, "Did You Say Whip?". All instruments are played by Timm as well as the vocals. Timm's wife Joan, does the background vocals. Most of these songs were played on dementedradio.com as well as XM Radio 151 Laugh USA. The hit from this CD was "Little Sausages". It contains 8 songs:
1. Another Dick In The Mall
2. Little Sausages
3. Me + My Thumb
4. Please When You're Done
5. Republican Idiot
6. Talkin' On Your Cell
7. The House Of The Failing Son
8. Timmy's Song

This CD is available for $10.00 and includes shipping and handling. Just go to the top of the page for ordering.


1. Eat Heros
2. I'm Gonna Be Offended
3. Secret Nuclear Plant f/ Achmed Jones
4. Ain't No Smoking With No Bong
5. Break On Through (The Plastic Seal) f/ Clifford Graham
6. Imagine There's No Turkey f/ Elmer Philipshead
7. MP3 Killed f/ Bob Download
8. Want Your Enema
9. Mr. Yankovic f/ Weird Al Yankovic
10. Comfortably Numb (cover)

This is Timm McCoy's second parody CD, "OXYMONOXY". The term "Oxymonoxy" is a word that Timm created meaning, "In One Breath". There will be 10 new parodies on this new CD including: "Want Your Enema" based on "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day and ""I'm Gonna Be Offended" based on "I Wanna Be Sedated" by The Ramones.
The CD "OXYMONOXY" is selling for $10.00 and includes shipping and handling. Just go above to order this CD now! Ordering is safe and cover by Pay Pal! 

To hear a few songs from either CD, click here for my artist page on My Space and use the player to listen! While you're there, become my friend.

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